Sharp Shutters

Design Options

SharpShutters Colour Pallette

Colour Options

Pure White is our most popular colour, simply because the shutter will remain neutral over time.

We have a wide range of colours, anything from greys, blacks, creams, stained hardwood options or even custom colours are available.

Our PVC shutters (Dulwich Range) are only available in 6 shades of white.

Louvre Size

Our 3 main louvre sizes are 63mm, 76mm or 89mm.

Which one do you prefer?

Each shutter should reflect the window and the property, don’t worry our surveyors will be on hand to recommend appropriate sizes for the windows in your home.

Louvre Size Wood Shutters

Tilt Options

Invisible tilt – Our most modern option, simply touch the louvres and they will operate in both directions.

Centre tilt rod – A traditional classic finish for your plantation shutter, running down the centre of each louvre set.

Off-set tilt rod – This traditional tilt rod runs down the side of the louvre set.

Solid Panel – No Louvre options, shutter panel are made from solid hardwood.

Sharp Shutters Tilt Options


Midrails are added to shutters to create a solid structure for the bigger windows like sliding patios or French doors.

A midrail can also be used to space out plastic sections of the window, creating a natural split in the louvres and hiding any unwanted PVC batons shown through louvres.

Privacy Splits

This option brings any window into the modern age, gone are the days of sitting in a dark room to watch TV.

Close the bottom set of louvres to create privacy whilst allowing day light to come through the shutter.

Close the top half to block out those high rays of sunlight, allowing you to work from your home office without the sun glare.

Blackout Blinds

Option of adding a blackout blind built into the shutter, creating 100% blackout in the room.

Available in wide range of colours.

Perfect for light sleepers, little ones and anyone working nightshift.


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